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La temporada de parrillas no tiene por que terminar. Aqui hay seis reglas para obtener el maximo sabor de cualquier corte de carne.

Food & Wine

Grilling season does not have to be over. Here are six rules for getting the most flavor out of any cut of meat.

Food & Wine

A group of young chefs are driving crowds to the southwest coast of France with promises of razor clam ceviche, choux puffs, and of course, fantastic wine.

Food & Wine

I m cooking quinoa all wrong.

Food & Wine

The luscious egg-and-lemon sauce is the perfect expression of Greek cooking philosophy.

Food & Wine

Here s how the wildly popular cured ham stacks up to prosciutto, jamon iberico, and presunto.

Wine & Spirits

Foraging in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

Food & Wine

From specialty shops selling smoked beef tongue to taco trucks serving up everything from chicken to tripe, Oakland has it all.

Food & Wine

How Los Angeles chef David LeFevre s love of his mom s Christmas treats inspired a charitable holiday cookie swap that has fans marking their calendars.

Food & Wine

After the first round of turkey and mayo sandwiches, what is next for the remains of Thanksgiving dinner? Jenn Louis, the chef at Ray in Portland, Oregon, drizzles her turkey slices with shwarma oil, before tucking the meat into soft lavash along with a crunchy Israeli cabbage salad and fiery zhug.

Food & Wine

With her chic, casual approach to vegetable-forward cooking, self-taught chef and naturopath Angele Ferreux-Maeght is waking Parisians up to a new way of eating.

Le Courrier international

Read about the artisans who define modern Basque cooking--en français. My story for Saveur magazine has been translated into French in Le Courrier international.

Food & Wine

Saveur Magazine

Baker, cheesemaker, pepper farmer, curer of ancient hams:
These are a few of the makers preserving the native tastes and character of this distinctive corner of southwestern France.

Wine & Spirits Magazine

In the walled city, entrepreneurs are upending Burgundy tradition with exciting bottles and amazing food.

Wall Street Journal Magazine

As green juices arrive in the land of steak frites, French chefs are introducing a bounty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Food & Wine

Whether your tastes run to rustic farmhouses
or grand chateaus, beaches or hill towns, long lunches
or languid dinners, the South of France delivers.
Read on for our rose-fueled guide.

Food & Wine

A new generation of chefs is serving astonishingly refined, inventive yet affordable food in restaurants that look like laid-back bistros.

Food & Wine

From Paris to Provence, writer Jane Sigal explores the incredible diversity of French cooking today.

Food & Wine

Phenomenal female chefs are changing the restaurant scene in Paris. Leading the movement: 30-year-old Tatiana Levha.

Food & Wine

To mark the new edition of her classic Food Lovers Guide to Paris, Patricia Wells gives writer Jane Sigal the ideal itineraries for four food-filled days in the French capital.

Food & Wine

Perfect for entertaining and simple enough for rookie cooks, Bundt cakes are ideal for the season. Here, writer Jane Sigal interviews baker and cookbook author Matt Lewis about his obsession.

Food & Wine

What did a top American supermarket chain see in one African immigrant’s food? Healthy dishes that recall the best of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Inside the success story of an up-and-coming food entrepreneur, plus his exceptional Ethiopian recipes.


Most visitors to Costa Rica zip through the capital city, San José, on their way to beaches or jungles. But I like to linger there, if only to spend a morning at Mercado Central, a block-long covered market built in 1880 that contains a warren of produce stalls, sodas (small, family-run eateries), bric-a-brac counters, and cafés.

Every Day With Rachael Ray

For the price of one restaurant dish, you can make four real-deal French suppers at home. These cozy comfort foods make eating in délicieux.

The New York Times -- February 23, 2011

At Italian stores, it's carpaccio. At Korean markets, it's bulgogi. At Japanese stores, sukiyaki-style. By any name, shaved steak is a versatile player, and affordable too.

The New York Times — July 14, 2010

By reinterpreting what is basically a muffin mixture, the French have created cakes salés — savory loaves.

Food & Wine — July, 2010

Chet Baker, Las Vegas, Gustave Flaubert, Hermès Perfume, Jackson Pollock: these are what inspire Pierre Gagnaire, the world's most inspiring chef.

Food & Wine — June, 2010

The city's best new spots are intimate and idiosyncratic, as Michelin-starred chefs open tiny restaurants and great cafés appear in boutiques.

The New York Times — November 25, 2009

The annual “Save the Best for Last” potluck, held in Jamestown, R.I., brings together more than 65 guests and their transformed Thanksgiving leftovers.

The New York Times — July 1, 2009

Lavish attention (and some innovative ingredients) on a menu staple, add a dimple, and the results can be delicious.
Cooking tips for creating the perfect burger, on everything from picking the right bun to shaping the patty to getting the perfect sear on the meat. Click above for an interactive feature.

Food & Wine – July, 2009

His restaurant food in New York City is the essence of elegance. Yet when chef Daniel Humm makes a homecoming trip to Switzerland, he prepares simple, rustic dishes that evoke his childhood.

The New York Times - April 28, 2009

With the right techniques, a lot of unfamiliar meats in the supermarket can be more delicious than more expensive cuts.

The New York Times - February 25, 2009

Soup bones are becoming more available as health- and eco-conscious farmers and butchers revive customs like using every morsel.

Food & Wine – February, 2009

Reclusive Michel Bras, arguably France's most venerated chef, traveled to Manhattan to cook at a dinner hosted by Stefan Boublil and Gina Alvarez of the design agency the Apartment. Writer Jane Sigal watched Bras prepare his painstakingly pure cuisine and tells why he spent two hours peeling onions.

Food & Wine – October, 2008

Entrepreneurs are reinventing the Paris wine bar with exciting boutique bottles and amazing food, as in the seven great recipes here.

The Week - October 10, 2008

Le Monde - August 21, 2008

Petits ou grands, étoilés ou non, les chefs se sont approprié le célèbre plat américain et l’ont adapté à leur manière. Un phénomène qui ne relève pas de la simple mode.

The International Herald Tribune - July 17, 2008

But cutlery still used for 'subversive' food

The New York Times - July 16, 2008

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers have begun to invade Paris, even in restaurants run by three-star chefs.

For the accompanying audio slide show on burgers in Paris, click here.

Food & Wine - July, 2008

We love all of our Best New Chefs from the past two decades, but these 50 exemplify four different kinds of success stories: as entrepreneurs, hometown heroes, creative visionaries or one-restaurant monogamists.

Food & Wine - June, 2008

Roasting a whole suckling pig on an open fire is no job for slackers, but the results are totally worth it, as global superchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten proves at a party at his new weekend house outside Manhattan.

Food & Wine - May, 2008

On a sailing of the luxurious M/S Regatta, the star chef croons in a karaoke contest, plucks wild bay laurel from a roadside bush, eats flaky Greek pastry and teaches spectacular recipes inspired by his Italian shore excursions.

The New York Times - April 2, 2008

There isn’t much greenery at the Union Square Greenmarket in early spring. But as the first dandelion greens begin to replace the Idared apples and last year’s carrots, it’s a good time to pick up a stewing hen at Nestor and Alejandra Tello’s Green Farm egg stand. It’s a bargain at 50 cents a pound.

Time Out New York - March, 2008

A veteran food journalist works a front-of-the-house job—and tries not to burn the place down.

Food & Wine - February, 2008

Where to go next in Paris (including a fabulous restaurant devoted to marvelous egg dishes).

Food & Wine - July, 2007

The New York Times - March 28, 2007

For almost two hours on a recent afternoon, Joël Robuchon cooled his heels in the lounge by the entrance to L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon at the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. He ordered a coca light, which made the hostess hesitate for a few seconds until she realized he wanted a Diet Coke.

Wine & Spirits - April, 2008

There is no chef at Au Sauvignon, Marie-Françoise Vergne’s tiny wine bar in Paris’s seventh arrondissement. There isn’t even a kitchen. Vergne, whose father, Henri, bought the bar in the ’50s, offers only cold plates: tartines of rillettes and saucisson sec on sour Poilâne bread as well as tangy crottin de Chavignol and raw-milk Camembert.

Food & Wine - January, 2007

Yves Camdeborde creates wildly delicious (and ridiculously inexpensive) dinners at Le Comptoir, Paris’s hottest reservation. Jane Sigal learns why he’s as passionate about crêpes as he is about haute cuisine.

Food & Wine - November, 2006

Chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Bryan Caswell share their best recipes for birds.

Food & Wine - October, 2006

Some are iconoclasts trained in Bordeaux, others are scions of the wine trade branching out in new directions. Jane Sigal meets some of Greece's world-class winemakers, tries their best bottles and visits the restaurants where they hang out.

Food & Wine - September, 2006

Chardonnay can be surprisingly hard to pair with food, but F&W's Marcia Kiesel has figured out how to do it perfectly. Here, eight of her spectacular recipes to match with Chardonnays in all styles, from fresh and lively to buttery and oaky.

The Wall Street Journal -
April 29-30, 2006

Grocery stores offering cheap gourmet meals spring up around the city.

Food & Wine - February, 2006

How will superchef Joël Robuchon's subtle, refined cuisine play in a city that favors the outlandish and over-the-top? F&W's Jane Sigal checks out his ambitious new restaurant and predicts a smash success.

Food & Wine - February, 2006

Food & Wine - January, 2006

Senior editor Jane Sigal stumbles upon a big talent in tiny Bristol: Indian-American chef Sai Viswanath.

Food & Wine - November, 2005

Our massive taste test of 65 artisanal olive oils revealed Pasolivo to be one of California's best. Here, a splendid harvest meal with the family behind it.

Food & Wine - October, 2005

A new cookbook by a father-daughter duo shows that eating like an Italian isn't simply pleasurable—it's healthy too. Just don't forget the wine.

Food & Wine - September, 2005

At his new apartment above his latest Manhattan restaurant, Perry St., Jean-Georges Vongerichten shares his best Thai recipes.

Food & Wine - July, 2005

Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a master of four-star food, but what about the rustic dishes he grew up eating in Alsace? Vongerichten calls his mom for the recipes and shares her secrets with F&W editor Jane Sigal.

Food & Wine - April, 2005

Eat at the grand, gilded Hôtel Meurice on a budget? Sounds impossible. But as Jane Sigal explains, there are unlikely food values all over Paris.

Food & Wine - December, 2004

Jean-Georges Vongerichten gives Jane Sigal a class on winter salads that tosses out almost everything she thought she knew.

Food & Wine - February, 2004

From: Jane Sigal
Subject: Paris

Food & Wine - October, 2003

Sometimes it seems there are as many bistros across America as there are Starbucks. Here we celebrate the food, wine and style of the traditional French bistro (steak bordelaise, bottles of Beaujolais, curvy wood chairs) and embrace America's adventurous innovations.

Food & Wine - October, 2003

As a teenager, she couldn't wait to leave Long Island. But on a recent drive through the North Fork, this skeptic discovers great wines, gifted chefs and delicious local foods.

Food & Wine - July, 2003

Having a meal at superchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's new restaurant, 66, is like traveling to Shanghai without leaving New York City. An admirer attempts to eat her way to an understanding of his intensely personal cuisine

Food & Wine - April, 2002

A writer eats her way through the eternal city's newest wine bars and, between rapturous meals, discovers why these places are sending out shock waves through the Italian restaurant scene.

Food & Wine - March, 2001

The city may be infatuated with Americana like chicken in Coca-Cola, but the author finds that its best new restaurants are still defiantly French.

Food & Wine - February 2000

In France, butchers often send you off with a beautiful, inexpensive cut of meat, plus a fabulous recipe to match. Here are their best ideas for beef, pork and lamb.

Food & Wine - November, 1999

After a morning spent picking grapes, the workers at this Bordeaux estate need a hearty meal. And that's what they get--pot-au-feu and all.
Jane Sigal with chef Joël Robuchon at The Mansion for the Food & Wine article Robuchon Headlines in Las Vegas. Photo by Lorenzo Agius.

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